At The Sage Personal Dining and Events we create premium meals and convenience for our clients. Our traditional personal chef services allows the busy household to sit down for fresh cooked meals, without the hassle. Our prices include:

  • Initial interview to determine what you and your family like to eat. Including specific diet regimens, allergies, and health restrictions.
  • Customized menu and recipe development to meet your family’s exact needs.
  • Grocery shopping at the market of choice on the scheduled cook date.
  • All travel expenses, including to and from the grocery store and your home.
  • Complete meal preparation and cooking performed in the convenience of your home.
  • Packaging, storage, and labeling of all meals. Including detailed reheating/assembling instructions.
  • Complete kitchen cleanup.

At The Sage Personal Dining and Events, our chefs are there to make less work for you. We provide all of our own cooking equipment. All we ask is for a working stove, oven, and refrigerator storage. (If grilled items are preferred, we will also need a working grill).

Packages: All meals use only the freshest ingredients and include an entrée with 2 side dishes. (Does NOT include the cost of groceries)

4×2 Package – 4 meals of 2 servings each= $225

4×3 Package– 4 meals of 3 servings each= $275

4×4 Package– 4 meals of 4 servings each= $325

4×5 Package– 4 meals of 5 servings each= $375

Pre-Paid Monthly Package – Book for 4 weeks guaranteed and save %10 on all packages

Custom Package– Each client at The Sage Personal Dining and Events is unique. Our goal is to cater to your needs. We can create custom packages for varying servings and number of meals provided each week.

Additional Fees:

Cost of Groceries: The cost of groceries are additional to the traditional personal chef service. The cost will vary each week depending on food preference, menu choice, and market preference. The Sage Personal Dining and Events will purchase the groceries on the scheduled cook day for reimbursement only. Since these groceries are yours, there will be absolutely no mark up and all extra supplies are kept at your home!

Additional Sides: If more than 2 sides are wanted, it is an additional $5 dollars per serving.

Desserts: All desserts are à la carte and priced individually. The Sage Personal Dining and Events have a wide array of sweets to choose from, including small bites to specialty cakes and pies.

Celebration Cake: Our chefs love helping to celebrate. Whether it be a birthday, engagement, retirement, or anniversary we can create the custom cake you need. Each are priced individually.

Containers: If you choose to use disposable plastic containers our chefs can happily provide them, with an additional charge per cooking day. If you prefer reusable containers, there is a one-time fee, usually in the range of $75 to $150 depending on your needs, for the purchase of the reusable containers. This options tends to be less expensive in the long run, and they are yours to keep.