Bourbon Grapes and Walnut Goat Cheese Skewers

This might quite possibly be the easiest and most popular recipe I have ever made. Being in Kentucky for 8 years, you get the hang of adding bourbon to everything. Literally, everything……So why not grapes? This a fast crowd pleaser for any holiday (or non holiday) party. Also, if you don’t like goat cheese (like myself, I know, I am one of the very few in the universe) you can always substitute with another soft cheese like blue cheese or spreadable cheddar!


1 bag seedless grapes (I suggest red because they aren’t as sour, but green will work too)

8 oz goat cheese- softened

1 cup walnuts- chopped very finely

Bourbon- Your favorite! This isn’t being cooked out, so make sure its one you like. No need to be super fancy, a good ol’ Jim Beam will always work.


Yield: Roughly 50 skewers


1. Unstem, and rinse the grapes. Place in bowl and cover with bourbon. Soak for 3 hours.

2. Roll goat cheese into small balls (about diameter of a penny). Coat in walnuts.

3. Drain bourbon from grapes (save this if you want to drink it!). With a toothpick, skewer the grape and then the small goat cheese ball. Store chilled (so that the goat cheese doesn’t get too soft). Serve at room temperature!